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A good and a bad new…

The good new is there is a part 2 of the Vatores’ Legend because my gameplay actually allows me to continue a little bit this part of my sims 4 story. However, the bad new is I have to delete my whole sims 4 story because I missed Miss V in her job  so I have to continue my gameplay without knowing. She was at job when I finished to fill my towns with sims I forgot to place.

No worries I reboot everything about Miss V, just pray that my sims 3 CAS stopps to crash down with all the cc I deleted I hope I can play asap and to reboot my sims 4 story as well.

à la Une
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Short Story #2 : The Vatores Legend.

As I am not a fluent English Native Speaker and despite I am going to publish my third version of Miss V Detective soon, I rather choose the level of my own grammar instead of my ancient time here.


It’s Magic


31 July 2019 @ Midnight PST

Starring : The Vatore siblings, Nix Vatore their cat.

Featuring : Miss V Detective (I am the original creator she is my simself that’s why but I am so happy to share her with my friend lisabee2.) Jason Arland and Viviane Marisseau sims 4 version.


The Legend told Soon, Destiny will wake up from the Sleep the Power of Peace. Young Vatore, Power of Peace Army will be reborn of the Ignorant Blind Void. You are their Leaders, they will be your foster Family..

The Old Knows it, the Old Overestimates his own Ego.

The Old is not as invincible as he seems to be.

Meow ! Did you read the Old Smelly book behind me too?

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