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The Misfortunes of Miss V : Ghosty Meeting.

Back to San Myshuno, I am not tired yet to go to bed. Instead, I prepare a wonderful gratin for Jason and I, a healthier and tastier meal than sandwiches.


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After our conversation, Jason feels very sorry for being a jerk with me. Paranormal is a subject Jason is not familiar with. All he wanted, was to make me confortable. He was clumsy. How could I be unfair with him? He seems he does not feel anything strange in here. How can he understand the way I feel if the feelings are not shared together?

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The Misfortunes of Miss V: Apologizes.

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Since Jason and I renovated the house we built, in Hallow Slough, in the area of Pendula View in Willow Creek, the atmosphere drastically changed. Nothing turns as quieter as it was. As if, our renovations opened an alternative universe door. How strange my health is? This arouses my Detective curiosity. My intuition always leads me in the right direction.

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The Misfortunes of Miss V : Internet